Farm Business Management



Grants of up to $5,000 dollar for dollar co-funding are available to eligible farm businesses to assist implementation of on-farm infrastructure that improves drought management and preparedness

Feed Shortage 2018 - Dairy Australia

A central point for Dairy Australia’s information and tools to help farmers manage their fodder in a tight market

Fully funded consultation on your farm or location of your choice with an experienced consultant, aimed to help farmers map out a plan for the season ahead including next steps

Information to assist farmers with a broad range of agricultural issues, including animal health and welfare information and upcoming workshops and events

Targeted Dairy Technical Support

Agriculture Victoria will provide more targeted dairy technical support for dairy farmers

Call the Agriculture Victoria Information Line on 136 186

The intent and objective of the Fund is to provide financial support to eligible drought affected Australian dairy farmers. Applications close November 30, 2018.



Tax deductions have been made available to primary producers for expenses uncured on landcare. These deductions are the result of dedicated work by the Basalt to Bay Landcare Network and have been provided to UDV for distribution

Loans up to $2 million for farm business owners affected by drought, or who want to prepare for drought

The Rural Financial Counselling Service provides free rural financial counselling to a range of clients, including dairy farmers, who are suffering financial hardship

Assists primary producers to deal more effectively with fluctuations in cash flows

Income support payment, available to eligible farmers & their families experiencing financial hardship

If your farm business is unable to meet your tax obligations and you are experiencing financial hardship, you can discuss deferred payment plans

The scheme makes it compulsory for banks & other creditors to offer mediation to farmers before commencing debt recovery proceedings on farm mortgages

Australian Government Farmer Assistance Hotline

Information on the Commonwealth Government's support services available to farmers and rural communities (e.g. Farm Household Allowance)

132 316

Small Business Support

Small Businesses Workshops

Small businesses in Victoria's dairy regions can access expert mentoring and advice from experienced industry specialists to help them make informed business decisions during this financially stressful period

Small Business Financial Counsellors

Small business financial counsellors will be appointed in the Eastern and North Eastern RFCS regions to support non-agriculture related small businesses impacted by the dairy industry downturn. Small business counsellors are already operating in North West and Western Victoria